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March 23, 2010 at 12:21am

Episode 2: Pepsi Throwup

55 minutes and 4 seconds. Download this episode.

  • Way too much discussion about retro soda, Pepsi Throwback specifically.
  • All good colas are from the south, and so is Viget labs.
  • Installing applications on a Mac is ridiculously complicated.
  • We’re all on the iPad Kool-Aid (with the exception of the app approval issues)
  • JTJ appreciates interfaces that avoid preferences.
  • Minimizing administrative debris is a natural thing on the iPhone.
  • Google’s design, and we mentioned Doug Bowman’s experience at Google.
  • JTJ doesn’t like talking about programming for its own sake, he wants to talk about how to build things.
  • The high point of An Event Apart 2009 in Chicago for Trey was Simon Willison’s talk on Cowboy Programming.
  • The crowd at AEA was much more reclusive than at SXSW.

March 15, 2010 at 2:47pm

Episode One: Three is a Magic Number (Download this episode)

In this episode:

  • our recording setup and just how much trouble it is to use three microphones in Garage Band
  • That customizing your software may not be a good thing (we’re looking at you, FireFox)
  • What browsing the web was like in 1995 and how awesome Microsoft Plus! was
  • Jason Johnson’s search for the ideal ear buds to use with his iPhone
  • Kids music and what else you can find on our iPhones
  • and we lay out the vision for the podcast

Some links to a few of the items discussed during this episode: